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ANISKOCAPANAK    ᑌᐸᑯᐦᑊ   ᐊᓂᐢᑯᒐᐸᓇᐠ




Led by the makers of the award-winning Taken, Ice Road Truckers, and We Were Children, 7TH GEN is an impactful, visually dynamic 10 X 30 factual series focusing on today’s young Indigenous leaders who are not only making an impact in their communities but are doing so by reclaiming their culture. Each subject’s uplifting accomplishments, their victories over struggles in their own lives, and their presence as leaders are the focus of every episode of 7TH GEN. Led by dynamic Cree hosts Darcy Waite and Ivana Yellowback, there is also a strong element of language reclamation in both the series and online, with Cree-versioned episodes, and a Cree language-learning web series..

The idea from which 7TH GEN was sparked was the vision that positive stories of young Indigenous leaders need to be told. The time has come to share the stories of young Indigenous women, men, and non-binary people who are warriors, who have overcome challenges to thrive and inspire others. There are countless stories of young Indigenous people committed to making a powerful mark on the world. Every day, the successes that emerge from this generation are inspiring other young people to share their gifts, to overcome the obstacles they face, and to inspire others by living their best lives. There are so many young Indigenous people who want to share their inspiration with others and celebrate their culture. 7TH GEN celebrates the accomplishments of young Indigenous people across Canada, and honours the Elders and Knowledge Keepers who supported them.


7TH GEN also provides a showcase for young Indigenous filmmakers, writers, directors, producers, editors, etc…, who have been given the opportunity to share their gifts and gain more experience in the industry by creating content that focuses on Indigenous stories, culture, and spiritual lessons for an audience of all people around the world.



Eagle Vision

Eagle Vision is located on Treaty 1 Territory, with head offices on Long Plain First Nation.


Tel: 204-515-1410


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